Friday, March 18, 2011

New York trip

Just recently back from New York City where I spent Wednesday visiting galleries, including Michael Rosenfeld Gallery (where I saw the abstract expressionism display), Hollis Taggart Galleries, and Kraushaar Galleries. Future exhibitions, possible acquisitions, and other projects should result. I also visited the Whitney Museum of American Art and especially enjoyed the Modern Life: Edward Hopper and His Times exhibition. The Whitney had a "no photography at all" rule and a security guard in every single gallery, so my stealth picture-taking was more limited than normal. The display had plenty of well-known Hoppers, of course, but included Reginald Marsh, Charles Burchfield, Alfred Stieglitz, Ben Shahn, and many other artists that helped contextualize Hopper's career.

On Thursday, I spent all day in the West Village and in Newark, New Jersey meeting with board members from The Heliker-LaHotan Foundation and viewing the warehouse storage space where many John Heliker paintings and sketchbooks are kept. A future project or two might result from the meeting.

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