Thursday, April 21, 2011

Santa Fe / Los Angeles

Last week, our director Bill Eiland and I were on a week-long airplane and car trip out West.

On Monday night, I met him and a few museum patrons in Santa Fe, New Mexico. On Tuesday we strolled the galleries: Zaplin Lampert, Gerald Peters, Aaron Payne, and Peyton Wright, among others. Then, it was to Albuquerque to get ready for an early flight.

On Wednesday, we flew to LAX (via Salt Lake City) and immediately took the drive out to Palm Desert to meet with private collectors and view their collection. The collection will likely appear in a Georgia Museum of Art exhibition in the future.

On Thursday, we returned to Los Angeles, visited three galleries and the home/studio of DeWain Valentine. On Friday, we returned cross-country to ATL.

A very nice and productive trip...

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