Thursday, May 12, 2011

New exhibitions to open Saturday

This Saturday, May 14, we have two new exhibitions opening at the museum: "American Watercolors from the Permanent Collection" and "The Art of Disegno: Italian Prints and Drawings from the Georgia Museum of Art." The former received some coverage from Art Knowledge News this week and covers a wide range of some of our more delicate works, rarely on display because of their fragility. Some of these are featured in our recently published catalogue "One Hundred American Paintings," such as the John Marin image pictured above, Jasper Francis Cropsey's "The Palisades, Hudson River," Arthur B. Davies' "Castles in Spain" and Charles Burchfield's "October Wind and Sunlight in the Woods."

The other exhibition, "The Art of Disegno," was organized by the museum some years ago, with the help of guest curators Robert Randolf Coleman (of Notre Dame) and Babette Bohn (of Texas Christian University), but has not been on display here. It previously traveled to the Snite Museum at Notre Dame and will be on view at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, Calif., in November. The exhibition culls 53 prints and drawings from the 16th through 18th centuries to look at the growing importance of disegno (or "drawing") during that time. It is accompanied by a catalogue the museum published a couple of years ago.

We hope you'll join us for both these wonderful exhibitions, as well as for "Dalí Illustrates Dante's Divine Comedy," already up in the galleries.

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