Monday, June 06, 2011

Lets Play The Quiet Game - Stillspotting NYC

New York City—a place of peace and tranquility. If you raised an eyebrow at that opinion, you are not alone. New York is typically known for its fast pace, and the stresses that come with attempting to be “ahead of the game” in a crowd that is already there. Hordes of people shuffle in and out of therapy appointments as a way to find some relief in the chaos of the Big Apple.

In reaction to this seemingly overstimulated lifestyle, the Guggenheim Museum has instituted a two-year program called “stillspotting nyc.” Under the leadership of Pedro Reyes, the museum temporarily transforms unused spaces and turns them into “Sanatoriums.” These oases guide visitors through specialized relaxation games and team-building exercises. Individual sessions are also offered and include exercises to help you calm down and regain a sense of peace. Some of the activities are a little bizarre, like GooDoo, in which the participants channel their negative energy into dolls, but the feedback from visitors is overwhelmingly positive.

To schedule your own visit to the Sanatorium, take a look [here]

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