Thursday, September 04, 2014

Ancient statues fall victim to selfie trend

Living in a time of technology and social media, the selfie craze is nearly impossible to escape. From young to old, anyone with access to a front-facing camera has dabbled in the art of selfies —including art itself.

At least it would appear that way after Reddit user Jazus_ur_lookin_well took four pictures of statues at Ireland’s Crawford Art Gallery at some particularly interesting angles.

The clever Reddit user strategically placed the camera to look as if the statues were taking selfies, and the expressions on the faces of the statues only add more humor. 

The statue selfie became so beloved, other Reddit users hit the museum to take similar shots, and an entire subreddit dedicated to the trend was born. 

Now, the original user has launched a website and a crowd-funding campaign to raise money to travel, visit more museums and create more selfie masterpieces. The cheeky pictures have successfully brought ancient artifacts into the modern age, and the trend has encouraged hundreds of people to visit museums and take a closer look — at some unique angles  at art.

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