Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide

Kickstart your holiday shopping with the Georgia Museum of Art's 2014 Holiday Gift Guide!

With items ranging from books, toys and stationary to jewelry, decorative items, picture frames and glassware, you can find something for everyone on your list in the Georgia Museum of Art Museum Shop. Beyond just the great gifts, purchasing your presents at the Museum Shop means supporting a local small business. So if you want to support the Athens-Clarke county community, keep us in mind on Small Business Saturday this November 29.

The Museum Shop manager, Amy Miller, personally selected some amazing gift options for your creative, art-loving friends and family, and we are excited to share them with you here.

Deluxe Spirograph Set: The classic way for aspiring artists to create millions of amazing designs is back! This Original Spirograph Deluxe Set features all the iconic wheels and rings of the original, plus a durable carrying case with a built-in drawing surface. $29.95 ($26.96, members of the Friends)

Plus Plus: An exciting building toy from Denmark, Plus Plus uses one basic shape to create endless possibilities. Kids three and up can assemble them flat to create a 2-D mosaic or work in 3-D to make more complicated structures. Even curves are possible thanks to the unique design of this deceptively simple shape. Available in sets of 100 for $10 or 300 for $20. ($9 or $18, members of the Friends)

Brief History of Art Mug: This mug is a crash-course in the world's greatest artwork since the beginning of time. The 24 images on the mug represent the evolution of art over the milleniait begins with the Cave Paintings of Lascaux, travels through Da Vinci and Degas and Picasso, and goes all the way up to Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons. Plus, you can drink out of it! $12.95 ($11.66, members of the Friends)

Extasia Jewelry: Hand crafted in Bavaria and California and featured in magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Glamour, Extasia jewelry is a true treasure. Each piece was made to order for the Georgia Museum of Art. Ranging from $58-$145 each ($52.20130.50, members of the Friends)

Heller House Frames: Frank Lloyd Wright's art glass windows are the inspiration for these Art Deco picture frames. Designed in 1897 for the Isidore Heller House in Chicago, the windows have been translated into birch wood frames in two sizes. $20 and $30 ($18 and $27, members of the Friends)

This list is only a peek at the variety of wonderful items featured in the Museum Shop, so come on down and explore the store. We have free parking available for all Museum Shop customers. Pull in to the parking structure off of Carlton Street, then just hit the buzzer at the gate arm and tell us you're here to visit the museum.

The store is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 10 a.m.4:45 p.m.; Thursday 10 a.m.8:45 p.m.; and Sunday 14:45 p.m.

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