Friday, March 06, 2015

1WTC Art

One hundred and seven floors may be empty right now at One World Trade Center, but that doesn't include the walls already filled with art. After the 13-year construction, it's no surprise that the featured art would be carefully considered.  The five American artists were only given one guideline: that the work must be unifying. The artists were picked by consultant Asher Edelman, who said, "The mission was to get people to turn their phones off and look up. It had to be a wake-up call. But not about the building; about itself."

The showpiece is a massive 14.5-by-90-foot mural titled "Union of the Senses" created by Jose Parla.  
Jose Parla 
Below are the other works displayed that provide a playful counterbalance to the building's light-filled spaces, high ceilings and white marble. With the observation deck opening this spring, it is expected that 20,000 people will see the art daily. That's more visitors than the Metropolitan Museum of Art receives. 

Bryan Hunt, "Axis Mundi"
Fritz Bultman, "Gravity of Nightfall"
Fritz Bultman, "Intrusion into the Blue"
Greg Goldberg, "One World Trade Center Series"
Doug Argue, "Isotopic"
Doug Argue, "Randomly Placed Exact Percentages"

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