Thursday, June 02, 2016

"Turned and Sculpted": Wood Art Photography by Michael McKelvey

Hot off the press is the catalogue for the museum's spring exhibition "Turned and Sculpted: Wood Art from the Collection of Arthur and Jane Mason," on display from May 14 to August 7. The exhibition features 30 objects, all made entirely of sculpted wood, by some of the most renowned contemporary artists in the form. The word “turned” in the title of the exhibition reflects the fact that many of the artists used a lathe to sculpt the wood, rotating the material on its axis to create a symmetrical, rounded form.

For the catalogue photography, capturing the intricate textures of wood and the three-dimensionality of wood art poses a unique set of challenges, and photographer Michael McKelvey has done an exceptional job in conveying the tactile nature of the wood sculptures as well as their beauty. Assistant registrar Sarina Rousso, who was present at the photography shoot, said, "I've been working with Michael for about ten years and during all this time it's still an honor to assist someone with such a keen eye for detail and a great appreciation for all art mediums. Some of the bowls were 'tricky,' as he put it, to honor the true piece and deal with the high gloss, but I think he was quite successful!"

Watch the video below for a look at the photographs featured inside the publication.

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