Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Social Media

On July 30, the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce will host this year’s Mid-Year Event: Meet, Tweet and Greet. The event is a beneficial, one-on-one networking opportunity for Athens businesses, and this year, the Chamber has decided to help event participants expand their networks by incorporating social media into the mix.

Several companies and individuals will be present to answer questions regarding usage of social networking sites, such as Twitter, and will be given on-the-spot mini-training. Attendees are encouraged to bring along and use their PDAs and phones to try out the technology.

Social media continues to grow in all industries from small businesses to museums. "Art Calendar" magazine will feature an article on using Second Life for art marketing in its upcoming July issue.

GMOA has been an active participant in the social media realm for some time now with a Facebook fan page, Second Life, Twitter account and blog. As you can read in our blog post from yesterday, the profile on new curator Lynn Boland was picked up and posted by several ‘tweeps’ (Twitter users).

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