Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Casa de Carton"

Don Lucho had an idea. To build an apartment entirely out of cardboard. Titled Casa de Carton, which translates to “Cardboard House,” the space makes the visitor feel as if entering a cartoon. The white paint and black line drawings enhance this feeling. The drawings provide details and a sense of space to an otherwise empty room. Lucho included details such as dirty dishes in the sink, toilet paper on the roll and books on the nightstand. His attention to detailing various everyday objects creates a unique art experience for the viewer. This form of art making is a great way to save money, be creative and recycle old materials. In the growing effort to be “green,” making art out of old boxes proves inventive and unique. For more information, check out the article on Lucho and his Flickr page.

Casa de Carton has similarities to the basement of Lexington, KY, native Charlie Kratzer. Kratzer took the cream painted room and transformed it by drawing on the walls with Sharpies and magic markers. Decorated with his favorite literary characters, historical figures and famous paintings, he created a world that brings them to life as the cultural influences they were. Kratzer says, “People are amazed that with something as simple and inexpensive as a Sharpie, you can decorate a whole basement.” And the result is impressive. The walls include Winston Churchill, scenes from Picasso’s Salon and even Rocky and Bullwinkle. Check out the article online to see a 360° view of the basement.

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