Friday, August 06, 2010

Construction Updates from Holder

Here's your weekly construction update. Things are looking more and more finished as signage is being installed.

Current week - Activities/Issues:
• Installing Skylight shades
• Installing interior/exterior signage
• Sanding of intumescent
• Installed cane detection rail
• Installed east entry awning/metal panels
• Striped parking lot
• Working on punchlist items
• Cistern/BRAE Pump owner training
• Poured balance of sidewalk by loading dock entrance

Next week - Activities/Issues:
• Seal concrete floors
• Work on punchlist
• Continue installation of interior signage
• Finish window blinds
• Complete misc. millwork items
• Start functional testing of building systems

South elevation landscaping

Interior glass door signage

Exterior signage installed

East entry awning installation

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