Friday, September 10, 2010

Construction Updates from Holder

Here are the week's construction updates from Holder on the building:

Current week - Activities/Issues:
• Continue renovation of Figgie’s Café
• Continue installing interior signage
• Working on punch list items
• Working on miscellaneous millwork items
• Continued barrel roof coping repairs

Next week - Activities/Issues:
• Finalize test and balance report/final sign off
• Continue w/ barrel roof coping repairs
• Work on punch list throughout the building
• Continue installation of interior signage
• Finish window blinds
• Continue installation of skylight shades
• Complete misc. millwork items/loose FFE
• Continue renovation of Figgie’s Café

Skylight shades installation progress

Wood paneling installed around existing gallery entrances

New gallery signs installed

Glass countertop installation on lobby reception desk

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