Friday, November 04, 2011

Metropolitan Museum of Art Acquires Rare Work

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) in New York recently acquired a two-sided panel by German Renaissance artist Hans Schäufelein, a pupil of Albrecht Dürer.

The panel has aroused some excitement due to the slim holdings of works by Dürer in the Met. Since the chances of acquiring any more substantial works by Dürer are slim, his student’s panel is of great importance.

The two-sided panel was part of a winged alterpiece dating from around 1510. One side depicts the “Dormition of the Virgin,” or death of the Virgin, a subject well rehearsed by Dürer. The opposite side is “Christ Carrying the Cross,” which art historians suspect to be jointly painted by Schäufelein and another artist known as the Engerda Master.

The panel is currently in the Met’s conservation department for cleaning and is scheduled to be on view next year.

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