Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Picasso’s granddaughter is selling off his art… What would you do?

If your grandfather were one of the most famous painters in history and you inherited a collection of his work, would you be willing to sell it off piece by piece?

Because that is what Pablo Picasso’s granddaughter, Marina Picasso, is doing.

Despite being alienated from her grandfather and the controversy over his estate due to the lack of a will when he died, Ms. Picasso inherited 300 paintings. She has been selling her grandfather’s art for several years, first through third-party auctions. Lately, she has taken out the middle-man and has conducted the sales herself. She has said that she sells the paintings to support herself and various charities around the world. Last year, she donated about $1.7 million to the Hospital Foundation of Paris and France.

You can read an article from the New York Times with more details about Ms. Picasso and her endeavors to sell her grandfather’s work here: “Picasso’s Granddaughter Plans to Sell Art, Worrying the Market.”

What would you do if you were Ms. Picasso? Would you sell the art?

Photo credit: Business Insider

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