Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Big-Eyed Fraud Story

Official movie poster.  Photograph: The Weinstein Company/Allstar. 

The 87th Academy Awards ceremony is just around the corner.  Oscar season starts with the Golden Globes and typically the same movies end up being nominated for both awards, but "Big Eyes" was snubbed at the Oscars this year.

This biographical drama directed by Tim Burton stars Amy Adams, who won a Golden Globe for her performance of artist Margaret Keane, and Christoph Waltz, as Margaret's husband, Walter Keane. In the 1950s, Walter started displaying Margaret's art and convinced her that no one would buy "lady art." He eventually claimed the art as his own as Margaret signed her work with only her last name.  

Margaret and Walter Keane, 1965.  Photograph: Bill Ray/ The LIFE Picture Collection/Gett

In 1965, Walter was interviewed by LIFE Magazine and claimed that his inspirations came from big-eyed children in Europe when he was an art student. After the interview, Margaret announced via radio that she was the true creator of the paintings. Walter counterattacked that Margaret had made those claims because she believed he was dead. She then sued him for slander. In order to find out the truth, the judge ordered both of them to create a big-eyed child painting in the courtroom.

The ending isn't a surprise, but it is definitely an excellent movie to add to your watch-list.

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