Tuesday, April 14, 2015

MFA Candidate: Patrick Brien

Patrick Brien paints images that portray the interference of digital imagery with the subconscious. There is no way to ignore the inundation of media in day to day activities. Just the same his work has been largely impacted by our technologically driven world.
“My work is concerned with the way in which the language of technological interfaces have come to mediate and possibly alter our experience of daily life. Acting as a veil or overlay upon our normative way of seeing the world, the nomenclature of these apps, software programs and digital graphics have become nearly seamlessly integrated into our most mundane or exciting experiences," says Brien.

Brien's work reflects the digital look of technology and the images that are constantly presented to us. He is interested in the effect that so much technology has on our daily lives. With so much change he feels there is a trade off in order to make room for so much progress. 

He continues, "These technologies have made our lives better in many ways. However, I am enthralled by the trade-off that takes place in order for us to engage with these new advancements. It seems that we are now willing to give up more of our privacy, personal information and exact location at any given moment in order to get directions from mapping apps or to interact with friends and family through social media. I am curious about how these new and changing habits will continue to impact the way we look and see.”

Brien’s work will be on display in the “Master of Fine Arts Degree Candidates Exhibition” at the Georgia Museum of Art from April 11 to May 3, 2015.

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