Thursday, March 10, 2016

Art in the Stacks: "One Hundred American Paintings" Now at Georgia Public Libraries

"One Hundred American Paintings," Georgia
Museum of Art, 2011.
A project in the works for many years, "One Hundred American Paintings" by our former curator of American Art, Paul Manoguerra, is a full-color catalogue of a selection of 100 important works of art from the Georgia Museum of Art’s permanent collection. Published to coincide with the museum’s grand reopening in January 2011 after a 30,000-square-foot expansion, the publication is both a tribute to Alfred Heber Holbrook, the museum’s founder, and a record of his legacy, which began in 1945 when he gave 100 works of American art to the people of Georgia through its flagship university. His gift formed the foundation of the museum’s current collection of more than 10,000 art objects.

As the official state museum of art, outreach programs are an important part of the Georgia Museum of Art. The state of Georgia is made up of 159 counties, some of which are considered to be rural and geographically isolated. Due to our location in North Georgia, some state residents would have to drive more than 250 miles to visit the museum in person. As part of our mission to support and promote teaching, research and service, we developed a program to distribute copies of “One Hundred American Paintings” at no charge to every public library system in Georgia and also surveyed librarians for future planning. So far, this program has helped us reach more residents statewide without requiring them to come to us and we hope that this program will aid public libraries and their patrons in enjoying and learning more about the visual arts. 

“One Hundred American Paintings” was supported by the National Endowment for the Arts and its distribution was funded by the Georgia Council for the Arts and the President’s Venture Fund through the generous gifts of the University of Georgia Partners. Purchase your own copy, with the option of cloth-bound or softcover, by phone at 706.542.0450 or online at

To learn more about our educational and outreach programs or inquire on how you can bring our programs to your local community in Georgia, click here.

Stella Tran
Editor, Department of Communications

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