Thursday, April 28, 2016

Master of Fine Arts Degree Candidates Exhibition

On display at the museum is the spring Master of Fine Arts Degree Candidates Exhibition, showing now through May 1. This annual exit show highlights the work by students in the MFA program at Lamar Dodd by giving them space in the museum’s galleries to share their projects. This year, 15 students have work displayed in a variety of different mediums, including photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, videography, metalwork, printmaking and interior design.

Visitors looking at at videography by Miranda Maynard
This exhibition is a special opportunity for students; for many of them, it will be the first time their artwork has been displayed in a museum. The students produced many interesting pieces, which vary greatly in style and intent to form an eclectic assemblage of talent. Erin Mazzei’s work, "Vantage Point," features a geometrically shaped, three-dimensional photo series that depicts a blue sky. In an oil painting by Michael Ross called "Crossing," historical soldiers stumble through a blurry, rainbow forest. A video by Miranda Maynard humorously portrays the actions of a woman who applauds cheerily, then uncomfortably looks around the room in "Clapping for the Amount of Time that Hillary Applauded her Husband at the Start of his 1999 State of the Union Address."

Other students featured in the MFA exhibition include Michael Benedetti, Ryan McCullough, Saegan Moran, Heather FosterDrema Montgomery, Spence TownsendYongxi WangJanelle YoungCourtney McCracken, Aaron Obenza, Vivienne Varay and Lu Yang.

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