Wednesday, February 17, 2010

An "Amazon for the arts"

CultureLabel is a new online shop offering items from more than 70 museum shops, galleries, artists and culture institutions around the world. United Kingdom politicians see the site as a “tool for museums’ survival” and are backing the business. Its creators have called it an “Amazon for the arts” because of the wide array of art-related products.

The site was co-founded by Peter Tullin and Simon Cronshaw, has seven staff members and works with outsourced software and Web designers. CultureLabel has a variety of items, from simple and inexpensive to large and pricey. Such pieces as an Andy Warhol magic cube and an Anish Kapoor limited-edition print are available.

This Andy Warhol magic cube is available on CulturLabel from the Tate.

Popular brands on CultureLabel include the British Museum, the Royal Academy of Arts and the Museum of London. The company is attempting to do more than just sell museum items. CultureLabel is helping the Courtauld Gallery (London) sell e-tickets for exhibitions, developing an iPhone application for the Museum of London and digitally publishing a catalogue for Oxford’s Ashmolean.

Executive chairman David Gilbert said that CultureLabel is currently trying to get three (unnamed) U.S. institutions involved. Click here to learn more about the site and keep it in mind for the next gift-giving occasion! 

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