Monday, February 08, 2010

Construction Updates from Holder

Here's Holder Construction's update on Phase II for the week ending February 5, 2010.

Current week - Activities/Issues:
New Gallery / Connector
· Installing 1st Floor Brick
· Completed MEP overhead 2nd Floor
· Continue working on connector roof
· Started rework of structural steel
· Reworking and insulating existing roof

Existing Building Renovations
· Continue MEP overhead rough-in
· Continue framing of walls
· Hanging, mudding and finishing drywall

Storage Bar
· Completed the exterior concrete wall waterproofing / vapor barrier.
· Framing exterior walls and sheathing

Next week - Activities/Issues:
New Gallery / Connector
· Continue drywall on 2nd Floor
· Continue installing brick 1st Floor
· Curtain wall framing and installing punch openings
· Setting external stairs
· Mud, tape and finish drywall
· Framing hard ceilings
· Digging footings and pouring in courtyard
· Continue exterior limestone work
· Start Standing walls & pouring site walls
· Backfilling site walls

Existing Building Renovations
· Continue hanging drywall
· Continuing installation of new AHU M-8 and new duct

Storage Bar
· Continue cmu walls on exterior foundation
· Loading new roof with materials and begin moving existing roof on the Art Building.
· Start new roof on storage bar
· Start fireproofing storage bar
· Start bricking storage bar

Storage bar exterior framing

Limestone at gallery south elevation

Gallery west end exterior stair

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