Thursday, February 11, 2010

More on the 2010 Green Symposium

Bonnie Ramsey, former director of communications for the museum and member of the Decorative Arts Advisory Committee, sent out the following earlier this week:
The Henry D. Green Symposium accolades continue to roll in to Dale
Couch and Linda Chesnut. After a packed 48-hour schedule, over 325 attendees from eight states and speakers cannot stop talking about the program and the weekend's activities. Congratulations to all who made this event a success: the staffs of the Georgia Museum of Art and the Center for Continuing Education, members of the decorative arts committee, the gracious hosts and hostesses for the social events and our beloved sponsors. As Bill Eiland likes to say, "hats off" to all and especially to the adjunct curator (who defies that term) who not only survived his first symposium but made many new friends for the program in the process.

Here's a sampling of the enthusiastic responses:

"The symposium was FABULOUS!! We loved it being at the Center for Continuing Education. It made it so much nicer for everyone..."
Mary Burdell
St. Simons

"It was an honor to have been asked to participate...I cannot thank GMOA and the advisory committee enough for the hospitality and kindness I was shown. It was simply overwhelming. I am sorry I could not stay and thank each member personally."
Charlotte Crabtree
The Silver Vault, Charleston

"...I thought everything went beautifully, and I agree that the lectures were all good. You Georgia folks really know how to to give a good symposium! I've never been wined and dined quite as thoroughly as I was by the good
people of Athens! I am also grateful for the rides to various places..."
June Lucas

"...Personally I thought the symposium was perfect and would be hard to improve upon. I like the venue and, man, you Georgians know how to entertain! June and I both loved all the wonderful parties. The hosts could not have been warmer or more welcoming."
Robert Leath

"Could not have been better" certainly applied to the entire weekend! In case you did not have a chance to purchase "A Colorful Past: Decorative Arts of Georgia," a collection of the 2008 symposium papers, you can do so by contacting the Museum Shop.
You can order it online from the shop or call 706.542.0450, where Amy Miller will be happy to take your order for the book, which is full-color and retails for $35 + shipping and handling. Distribution is being handled by UGA Press, so, with luck, you'll start to see the book showing up in Atlanta-area bookstores soon.

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