Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Position at GMOA

GMOA has received approval to hire for a part-time temporary clerical position that will assist our curators and deputy director. To find out more, go to UGA's iPAWS page and click on "search and apply for staff positions." From there, click on "search postings," on the left and then select "021-Georgia Museum of Art" from the drop-down search box. We'll have news soon, too, about our Pierre Daura graduate intern search, so keep checking back here for more on that, and we're beginning to look for undergraduate interns for the summer semester, including May (the application for the latter is here). Please get in touch with the department that piques your interest for more information and avert your eyes from this New York Times story that questions unpaid internships (it's mostly about for-profit employers, which we are decidedly not)!

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