Friday, October 14, 2011

"Daumier: Art for the Masses"

Art Daily recently featured the Birmingham Museum of Art and its exhibition "Daumier: Art for the Masses," a collection of 169 lithographs produced by artist, painter and sculptor Jean-Honore Daumier.

Daumier was one of France's most popular and influential artists. As a printmaker, he produced over 4,000 lithographs. His illustrations, most of which were published in popular daily newspapers, expressed his satirical take on French politics, society and culture.

Of the lithographs on display in the Birmingham Museum of Art's Jemison Galleries, 14 remain intact in the original newspapers they were printed, while the other prints were cut out long ago to be appreciated as stand-alone works.

"Art for the Masses" will run through Dec. 31.

Click here for more information on this exhibition.

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