Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ATHICA Mystery Selections

The Athens Institute for Contemporary Art (ATHICA) is currently showcasing its “Mystery Selections” exhibition featuring the works of six local artists. The exhibition, which opened Sept. 30, will run through Nov. 6.

Selected artists include Rebecca Brantley, Will Eskridge, Missy Kulik, Darcy Reenis, Jorie Berman and Cindy Jerrell, who were chosen from 124 artists who donated 244 works anonymously for the “ATHICA Mystery Triennial” small works fundraiser.

According to the ATHICA website, the works “convey the enormous variety and quality of Athens’ artistic fecundity.”

“Mystery Selections” gives the artists’ fans a closer look at some of their individual works that were included in the ATHICA Mystery Triennial. Bodies of work include drawings, dioramas, large-scale paintings, sculptures and graphic design.

For more information on “Mystery Selections” click here.

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