Monday, August 03, 2009

Construction Photos/Update

Week 8 photos are below. Ronnie's on vacation this week, and the rest of Holder was in a meeting when we went over to take some shots, but we should have some text to go with these images soon, describing the plans for this week. Plus, we ran into our security supervisor Brent DeRevere while we were over on-site, and he promised some interior shots for us as well, showing the demo on the big staircase.

Update: We just talked with Holder on the phone, and here are some of the highlights of this week's activity:
  • Installing the base course of asphalt for the parking lot to go under the new wing (you can see this in the photos taken from up on the hill)
  • Completing the new gallery foundations
  • Constructing a mockup of the architectural concrete wall that will be used in the sculpture garden
  • Waiting on the structural steel frame for the new galleries (to be delivered this week)
  • Continuing to demolish the main stairwell (you can see some of the materials being recycled in the dumpster photos we took; wood, concrete, steel, other metals and drywall are all being collected for recycling as part of the LEED certification)

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