Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Construction Updates from Holder

Holder sent over the most recent construction updates yesterday, dated Aug. 14, and here's what's up, if you've been trying to figure out what exactly is going on from the webcam. You can also click on the images above for larger photos with captions.
Current week - Activities/Issues:

New Gallery / Connector
• Finished Seq#2 concrete footings.
• Installed site utilities.
• Erected Seq#1 steel and decking.

Existing Building Renovations
• Started to demolish the main stairwell exterior skin.

Storage Bar
• Installed the chilled water valves & completed tie-in to campus loop.

Next week - Activities/Issues:

New Gallery / Connector
• Finish decking Seq#1.
• Start structural steel for Seq#2.
• Finish site utilities.
• Demo sidewalk under canopy.
• Pour connector footings.

Existing Building Renovations
• Finish demo of the exterior skin at the main stairwell.
• Start the dust control for interior demolition.

Storage Bar
• Relocate / temporary existing electrical utilities.
• Start mass excavation under building footprint.

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