Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Album art at Idea Generation Gallery

Right But Wrong: The Extended Art of Storm Thorgerson” is the next exhibition at Idea Generation Gallery in London. The exhibition will include extallations, sculptures, images and drawings by commercial designer Storm Thorgerson.

Thorgerson is most famous for the album cover of Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon” (1973). He also worked with 10cc, Catherine Wheel, the Cranberries, Muse, Genesis, Led Zeppelin and Peter Gabriel.

“Right But Wrong” will showcase Thorgerson’s most famous album covers and give insight into his current work by “uncovering” some of the events and ideas that have shaped his career.

The exhibition will present famous album covers but will also include unseen sculptures, sketches and writings by Thorgerson, as well as new installations the artist is creating just for Idea Generation Gallery that will consist of “ambitious reinterpretations of a few his most renowned pieces.”

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