Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Lord Love You" installation

Installation-in-progress photographs will appear on here soon. Below [click it to make it larger and clearer] is an image showing my (second) rough draft plan for the installation of the 83+ objects in the exhibition.

As a monograph of Miller from a single, private collection, the display is to be arranged along themes (selected via subject matter and meaning): introduction to the artist, popular culture, animals and critters, Blow Oskar and patriotism, religion and millennialism (which I can't spell), and personal life.

Although I did plan for specific objects to be placed in very specific locales within the Lyndon House's upper atrium, I also permitted myself a bit of conceit in leaving the process somewhat organic. What looks good next to what else? Long sight lines? Short sight lines? Interesting combinations and juxtapositions of objects as talking points?

Edit: Photos are now on Flickr and can be viewed below in a slideshow.

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