Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lynn's Europe Travel Pics on Flickr

As promised in an earlier blog post, I’ve begun my “highlights reel” with photos from my recent research trip to Europe posted on Flickr. So far, it’s days 1-3 in Barcelona. Pics from Montserrat will be up tomorrow, and from Menorca on Thursday. France will be next week, so keep checking back for more.

In addition to the wonderfully accommodating museum professionals I thank in the photo captions, I would like to acknowledge two funding sources that made this trip possible: the Program for Cultural Cooperation between the Spanish Ministry of Culture and United States Universities, administered by the University of Minnesota, and the Pierre Daura Center here at the Georgia Museum of Art. The GMOA staff and I are immensely grateful to both for their support of this important project, which allowed me to undertake essential research for our upcoming exhibition Cercle et CarrĂ© and the International Spirit of Abstract Art and to carefully study much of Pierre Daura’s oeuvre in person in preparation for a number of other projects. This work will be subjects of blog posts to come, but this series allows me to share one of the perks of the trip, the picturesque backdrops for it all: http://bit.ly/SoZza

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