Monday, July 06, 2009

Survivor: The Gallery Scene

Oh my are we behind! Catching up on reading Art Daily, we saw this news release about Bravo's next reality show, being developed by Sarah Jessica Parker, which plans to do for artists what Project Runway did for designers. Auditions are coming up in L.A., New York, Chicago and Miami, and a few more details on the show's development can be found here. For casting instructions, check out Bravo's site. Project Runway and Top Chef both made sense, those fields (design and cooking) having as much craft as art to them, and Top Design sort of did, but how exactly Bravo plans to pit, say, a concept-heavy installation artist like Felix Gonzalez-Torres against a lushly impressionistic painter like Wayne Thiebaud, to give a hypothetical, is going to be interesting, and possibly confusing, to watch.

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