Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Updates from Ronnie

As we promised, here is your weekly update from Ronnie. Yesterday he informed us of four major points.

First, the earth they scooped out last week is now leveled off into terraces, which will form the terraced sculpture garden. We took a picture from the inside of the museum looking out onto the terraces, but the not-so-photogenic, monochromatic earth doesn’t quite do the terraces justice.

Second, they’re about to start breaking up some of the asphalt in the current staff parking lot just above the terraces.

Third, they’ve put the bulldozers to work and have excavated eight massive boulders from the area where they’re setting the forms for concrete, which brings us to the fourth major point.

The wooden forms are set in place and they will begin pouring the concrete next week – you know what that means – establishing the base and most important part of the new expansion (besides the art inside of course).

Next week we’ll have update number three, and soon we’ll include aerial photos of the museum thanks to Holder Construction!

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