Friday, July 10, 2009

Young Dawgs: Alexis Richardson

Our Young Dawgs intern, Alexis, has completed her internship at GMOA. We enjoyed having her and look forward to hearing her presentation on her time here next week at the Young Dawgs reception. Here is her final post to the GMOA blog:

It is so unreal that these five weeks with GMOA is officially going to be over on Monday. I have enjoyed my internship here with my wonderful supervisors and the other interns. This was a different internship compared to my internship last year, because I didn’t do office work. Instead I got to do a lot of hands -on work. I have really enjoyed writing blog posts to express what I have been doing every week. I have learned so many different things that will help not only in school but also in a career. I have learned the importance of time management, to be more independent, to not sit around and wait for my supervisor to tell me what needs to be done, to do something without being told. Along with having my own personal space, which some of the other Young Dawgs don’t have, this makes it feel like a real job. I really have enjoyed the setup in this workplace because it is way different from a regular office. I like how everybody was out in a group instead of in an office. The desks and tables are not separated by walls or cubicles, which I think is very neat. There is a big balcony where you can see all through town and works by LDSOA ceramics students below. I am so glad that the publications and pr departments took the time to have me as an intern this summer. I have really enjoyed and learned so much from my time here.

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