Monday, July 06, 2009

Young Dawgs: Alexis Richardson

Alexis is almost done with her internship here (she only has a week left!), and here's her second-to-last blog post:
I can’t believe that I only have just a week and a day left with GMOA. I have so much respect for art now compared to before I started working here. My favorite type of art that I enjoy looking at is the Spanish art because it tells different stories and has history and different meanings behind it. I have also learned that anything can be art and that art does not have to be pretty. It can also be ugly. Even though I just scan books it’s not boring at all to me; it’s actually amusing to me. Because the different books have different types of art that are just very eye-catching I forget that I am scanning and just go through the whole book looking at the different images. Even though I do not want a career in art, I have a different outlook on art than when I was placed at GMOA. The whole point of the internship is to see if you still want to major in this field when going to college or in the career field, so I am very glad that Young Dawgs put me here because every day I am learning different little things about art that I thought I wouldn’t be too fond of at first.

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